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COMPÁS is a Spanish textbook for students at the intermediate level. It emphasizes four quadrants: Collaboration, Cultural Appreciation, Increased Linguistic Confidence, and Continuous Reflection. 
These quadrants will guide your students' language development and success.
There are six (6) units in this textbook. Each unit features a vocabulary list, one grammar lesson, a series of dynamic activities, and a four-skill collaborative project.

Compás: Spanish textbook for intermediate learners


Welcome to SOBREMESA! This course is designed for intermediate-high and advanced-low students, with meticulously crafted lessons that provide extensive opportunities to practice all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Throughout SOBREMESA, you'll explore a diverse range of captivating topics, including People, Education and Work, Cars and Directions, Animals, Sports and Health, Global Challenges, Art, Travel and Tourism, Celebrations and Traditions, and My Future.

Let's unlock your students' full potential in the Spanish language through speaking practice!

Sobremesa: Spanish Textbook for high intermediate learners

Photo by Guillermo Salvo

Tapiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Activities for the Spanish Literature and Culture AP class



Actividades para enseñar la clase de Literatura y Cultura AP​

Designed to facilitate the teaching of the Spanish Literature and Culture AP course, Literature 150 offers activities for all required readings, providing a comprehensive resource for educators.

Includes a summer activity pack.

Literature 150 supports educators in delivering a robust learning experience, encompassing analysis and cultural context.

Empower your students and enhance their success with Literature 150 as your teaching tool.

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