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All your students deserve to be heard

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Communication is the most important goal in a second language classroom. Students register in language classes because they want to interact with people who speak other languages. Unfortunately, creating effective opportunities for students to communicate in the traditional classroom is always challenging and time consuming. Don’t despair! There are solutions to this problem.

Twitter chats provide excellent interactive opportunities for second language learners. You can join an existing chat or create your own. Find an interesting topic, ask a few inspiring questions, and have fun!

Another way to promote communication in your classroom is to record your students.

In this type of exercise, the teacher asks a question and gives the students a few minutes to use their computers or their cellphones to record themselves. The rest of the class can be spent listening to the recordings, asking questions or writing reflections.

Do you want to see how it works? Click on this link and follow the instructions:


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