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COMPÁS is a Spanish textbook for students at the intermediate level. It emphasizes four quadrants: Collaboration, Cultural Appreciation, Increased Linguistic Confidence, and Continuous Reflection. 
These quadrants will guide your students' language development and success.
There are six (6) units in this textbook. Each unit features a vocabulary list, one grammar lesson, a series of dynamic activities, and a four-skill collaborative project.

Portada Compas Pequena.jpeg


Previous SOBREMESA 1 and SOBREMESA 2 combined! 20 lessons total.
Enough material for an entire school year.
New in this edition: evaluation rubrics for all assignments, collaborative four-skill projects, and more!
Designed for intermediate and advanced learners, SOBREMESA  is ideal for courses such as Spanish Conversation, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, or Spanish 5.
Don't wait any longer. Put it into practice and see your students refine their production and understanding of the Spanish language and culture.


Photo by Guillermo Salvo

Tapiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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